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No More Talk. It’s Time To Act

Lorianne (LA) Glassford

Lorianne  (L.A.) Glassford spent her early career conquering retail operations in fashion, sport and home furnishings (in the USA and in Canada) before being part of the founding energy behind some exciting brands.

After a decades-long career in leadership across multiple industries, LA landed an Executive role in what she thought was going to be her career topper with a Global Corporate Real Estate & Development Company.

Then at 58 years old she found herself rethinking her entire outlook on life, flew to Costa Rica and before you knew it, she had launched her business as an ‘entrepreneur’. Her unparalleled advisory expertise focuses on Women in Leadership and stems from her hands-on experience, with significant time spent on both sides of the table – in Corporate AND as an entrepreneur. 

This unique combination affords her a diversity of perspective and allows The Glassford Group to provide experiences and results for our 1:1 clients, our businesses, our audiences and the guests of our UNLOCKING HER Retreats for women.

To book LA for speaking engagements, as a panel guest, moderator or as a podcast guest please schedule an interview.

Imagine Yourself in Our Shoes

… If men really wanted to change things for women, they would and they could right? I mean come on, men are great lobbyists … Men can rally the troops when they want to, they just need to want to and get as angry as we are about the inequality and violence against us. No?

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How to Retain Senior Women Leaders

Ageist  messages and their intersectionality at the societal level seep into organizational cultures. The end result is that decisions about hiring, retention, and promotion will match who we deem societally as “having value.

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Dropping the Mask

When you realize your secret is actually your secret sauce, it changes the game. Leaning into you, dropping the mask and using your voice can be both terrifying and freeing. I know because at 59 I began to focus on what mattered to me and nothing else. We need to share our stories, this is part of mine.

LA in conversation with Patricia A. Muir  

‘When a woman  listens to herself and  begins to take herself  seriously for what and who she is, there is none more powerful.’

Stepping Into Our Power

Often times the things that hurt us, those times where we feel cut off at the knees, blindsided are the times that we find our true self, our purpose. 

In darkness, in the waves of self doubt, everything became clear.

It’s how I found my voice and stepped into my authentic self.

There is no looking back once you find your path and purpose. 

Thank you Lissette Alvarez-Holland and Owning HER Health for providing a safe space for me to be vulnerable, and share my truth. 

The Future of Commercial Real Estate

Join me as I discuss all things commercial real estate with one of my oldest friends Lorianne Glassford of The Glassford Group. Her bio speaks for itself with real estate leadership roles with Club Monaco, Polo and SIR Restaurant Group.

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“Power can be taken, but not given. The process of the taking is empowerment in itself.”

~ Gloria Steinam