Empowering Businesses

We recognize how important Diversity, Inclusivity and Belonging is to improving work culture, employee engagement and satisfaction. We also know the positive economic impact a diverse team has on businesses who prioritize it.

We work with progressive businesses who want to build inclusive teams and workplaces. Our experience has shown that meaningful, guided conversations are the most effective teaching and learning techniques to building inclusive work workplaces.

We pair this approach with a tactical framework to ensure your DEI&B strategies are implemented and adopted into the ethos of your company.

Our framework takes into account the unique circumstances, values and business goals of each organization to develop tailor made solutions that align with equitable best practices and ensure sustainable implementation and business growth.

If you and your teams are ready to do this work and commit to making this impact for your organization, I look forward to being your guide.

Our Work With Teams

Often organizations will struggle to achieve implementation on a consistent basis. The work we do with teams helps to identify where further alignment is required. We assess where team practices, policies, values, and metrics are misaligned with the organizations goals.

Whether we are working with a team of three or thirty three, alignment is the ultimate goal. How your team interconnects, within and with other teams, can affect the organization’s success as a whole. We help identify the team dynamics and behaviours that are limiting it’s performance, and we work to expand its ability to adapt to change and reach stretch goals.

Let’s set up a call to see how we can help and determine what working together would look like.

  • Could your team be more aligned?

  • Could there be more synergy with other departments?

  • Are the current systems set up for the team to be successful?

The Work We’ll Do Together

Understanding the level of trust an organization or team has with its employees is critical. When we know this, the path to having an engaged, diverse, inclusive, equitable and empowered workplace can be identified. AND innovation soars.

We don’t shy away from challenging conventional thinking, why would you want us to? The work is in the uncomfortable conversations.  The review of existing practises (and the behaviours of those charged with implementing) — from recruitment, retention and promotion practices, to meeting cadence to deciding who is selected for attending events, what behaviours have been deemed acceptable and what has not — your employees are watching and how you handle all of these decisions, crucial. 

This is where the work lies. Trust + Alignment has an incredible ripple effect. Helping organizations and teams bring a diversity of perspective to the table and create synergy between interconnected teams is important work. It can positively impact the bottom line, the mental well being of employees,  innovation and the overall health of an organization. 

It is complicated and can be tough for an organization or team to know where and how to begin. That’s where we come in. 

Available on consultancy monthly retainer basis for short term project specific assignments.

6 Month Program

This program focuses on improving a specific organizational, team or leadership goal. For example: Team Synergy. Departmental Alignment. Accountability & Influence. Relationship Building. Our work includes::

  • Facilitate initial foundational session to outline the strategy.
  • Meet with the appropriate leaders, team members and/or departments, establish KPI’s.
  • Review relevant processes + identify contributing behaviours + external factors.
  • Review the KPI data + identify the areas to focus on for the biggest impact.
  • Outline the framework required for improvement, establish accountability and to create  organizational alignment.

12 Month Program

This program focuses on improving employee culture through foundational implementation of DEI practices. Our work includes: 

  • CORE VALUES: Facilitate initial foundational session to outline the strategy.
  • Meet with the appropriate leaders,team members and/or departments, establish KPI’s
  • Review relevant processes + identify contributing behaviours + external factors.
  • Identify + review relevant processes (HR, Communication, Operations) for misalignment & make recommnedations.
  • Review the KPI data + identify the areas to focus on for the biggest impact, obtain alignment from senior leadership.
  • Outline the framework required for cascading improvement processes internally, establish accountability and to communicate to the organization.
  • Bi weekly meetings with the senior team of the organization.

“Power can be taken, but not given. The process of the taking is empowerment in itself.”

~ Gloria Steinam