We Work With Women

When we learn to put ourselves first we are able to step into our power and have greater impact on those around us.

Help others more by putting ourselves first

I know, sounds crazy, but it is absolutely true. Self doubt, self awareness and our sense of self worth all affect our leadership roles at home, at work and in our community. Whether you are a seasoned leader, an entrepreneur or you’ve recently been restructured, how you prioritize yourself matters. Because the truth is, other people will treat you the way you treat yourself.

I work with women who have achieved success in their careers, but are struggling to answer this one important question.

Who am I when I’m not being who other people expect me to be?

If this sounds like a question you’d like to answer, book some time.

The Work We’ll Do Together

When we learn to put ourselves first, we can have a profoundly positive  impact on those around us. It is transformational and it has a ripple effect.

This is where the work lies. Self care, leadership and productivity go hand in hand.

Perhaps you own your business and need to level up, focus less on the day to day and more on strategy OR you have had the rug pulled out from underneath you having been restructured and need to find your power again (it’s in you, I promise) OR you want to build better relationships, be more assertive, focus more OR just maybe, you feel yourself sliding back into familiar routines that are not serving you. 

This is what we do.

What is standing in your way? Is it a lack of accountability? Where is the disconnection? Is it self doubt, time management, agency or is it self worth, feelings of inadequacy, lack of relevance? Our goal is to support you on your journey and guide you, enabling you to identify your core values, understand who you are when all masks are removed — at home, in your community and in your workplace — see where you need to lean in more and where you need to take a step back. It all becomes clear in our work together. 

As we step into our own power & peace & learn to put ourselves first, we can begin to show up differently, more authentically in all areas of our lives and when we do, those around us begin to show up differently too.

3 Month Package

This level one program focuses on goals  + the creation of intentional practises and includes:

  • One 75 minute foundational session to establish your coaching agenda.
  • Three 60 minute virtual coaching sessions per month.
  • One 75 minute session in person (if possible) to lock in your learning and set intentions for future you!
  • Text + email support between sessions

6 Month Package

This program focuses on the integration of intentional practises + developing new competencies and includes:

  • One 120 minute foundational session to establish your coaching agenda.
  • Three 60 minute virtual coaching sessions per month.
  • Two 120 minute sessions in person (if possible) to monitor progress, lock in your learning and identify next steps for future you!
  • Text + email support between sessions

Consultant: Available on an hourly basis for specific assignments.

Unlocking Her Retreats

I felt called to share this transformation with other women, but it wasn’t until the Summer of 2022 that I understood how I would do that.

Connect women to transformative resources and experiences and create a safe space where their magic can be unlocked and revealed naturally.

With this revelation I created UNLOCKING HER, A women’s journey to reclaim her power. We have curated beautiful, peaceful and soul nourishing experiences, and I am proud to make this incredible retreat available to a another small, intimate group of women. This time, for a whole week.

Unlocking Her Leadership

What if we poured the same amount of energy into building a strategy for ourselves that we do for those we serve at work, home and in our community? 

What if we could help women find alignment in their organizations, in their families and in their communities; magnetizing those around them to innovate, remove resistance to change and empower others to actions

What if indeed … It was with this thinking that I created the Women’s Leadership Summit retreat in Grey Country just North of Toronto Ontario happening February 24th-26th 2023.

In our sessions we will get a glimpse into Jillian Bowman’s WILD Leadership program – one that helps us to question our current views on leadership, as she joins us for the weekend along with me, our private in-house Chef Margarita AND our Yoga & Sound Alchemist Michelle.

How you fit in your Sauna, snowshoeing, hot tub and hike excursion  is entirely up to you!

“Power can be taken, but not given. The process of the taking is empowerment in itself.”

~ Gloria Steinam