2024 International Women’s Day Retreat Weekend

Armed with a belief that as women we have a responsibility both to the women & their allies who came before us and to those women that will come after us, our 4 day, 3 night 2024 IWD Leadership Retreat Weekend is a recognition of and a commitment to women.

07/03/2024 – 10/03/2024

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We Stand Together

The Glassford Group is a female led boutique leadership advisory, everything we do is through a lens of Championing Women and our Women in Leadership Retreats (WILR) wholly embody this.

A combination of wellness, leadership, movement, nutrition, rest, connection. Our WILR take place in Northern Ontario, in luxurious natural settings next to water where small intimate groups of women experience the transformation that comes with putting ourselves first.

Reset, Replenish & ReEnergize

Without rest and a reboot, for bright powerful and future women leaders, the burn out experience is real. Whether exhausted, depleted or stressed from balancing it all or simply wanting to relight the internal flame you know has been on autopilot lately, our WIL Retreats are inspiring safe spaces for you to reenergize and refocus; a vacation from serving others, they are highly curated experiences that combine leadership mindset sessions with self care practises, nutritious gastronomy and healing exercises that naturally stimulate empowerment and a sense of purpose within ourselves. AND the connections we make are lasting!

March 8th is International Women’s Day and to commemorate this important Day, we are hosting a special 4 day Weekend Retreat from March 7 – 10th 2024 at a lakeside cottage in Buckhorn Lake Ontario, you will not find any presentations decks or binders, nor suits or heels here. Ours is a unique retreat experience where we show up comfortable in warm and cozy attire and curl up on sofas to lean into conversation and replenish. Our title, what we drive, how old we are – that goes away here, as we stand collectively as women who stand on the shoulders of those women and their allies that came before us – the ones who did the work to make sure we have the opportunities we have today.

What You Can Expect

The modalities curated for our 2024 IWD Retreat are designed to open us up to the power each of us have access to within. We then create the deep connections to self while illuminating internal paths that have dimmed over time through:

Leadership Conversations


Rhythmic Breath Work

Outdoor Exploration & Snowshoeing

Sound Baths

Lakeside Sauna
& Hot Tub

Nutritious Meals

Roaring Fires By The Lake

Our 2024 IWD Retreat is for an intimate group of 12 intergenerational like minded women all believing in our collective power to change things for both ourselves and future generations – they are counting on us.

Join Us For 3 Nights of Luxury at Lost Lakehouse

Held at the stunning “Lost Lakehouse” a lakeside luxury cottage in Buckhorn Lake, that opened this Fall – the perfect remote setting in the middle of nature, on the water. A lakeside sanctuary, equipped with quality linens, spacious bedrooms with incredible views and bathrooms. The design, furnishings, textures and thoughtfulness in the layout of space provides us what we need to lettuce masks down and the guards drop. The luxury suites provide comfort for our journey throughout the weekend. Choose a private suite or share a Double, Triple or even a suite for four. See available suites.


Perhaps you own your business and need to level up OR you have had the rug pulled out from underneath you having been restructured and need to find your power again (it’s in you, I promise) OR you want to build better relationships, be more assertive, focus more OR just maybe, you feel yourself sliding back into familiar routines that are not serving you.

Where is the disconnection? Is it self doubt, time management, agency or is it self worth, feelings of inadequacy, lack of relevance? Our goal is to support you on your journey and guide you, enabling you to identify your core values, understand who you are when all masks are removed — at home, in your community and in your workplace — see where you need to lean in more and where you need to take a step back. It all becomes clear in our work together.

In House Chef & Nutritional Culinary

Our Chef Brandi designs her menus to complement the flow of our weekend together. Utilizing her vast knowledge of nutrient-dense cooking, combined with two decades experience, being a Chef is in her blood. Her dad, a Chef, she is passionate about hospitality and we are thrilled to have her guide us this weekend.

Brandi has managed kitchens and launched restaurants across Canada and is constantly experimenting with new ingredients. Her goal is to help us see the connection to food as a necessary partner to our wellbeing.

Yin Yoga, Rhythmic Breath Work & Meditation

In our Yoga shala, you will meet Michelle, our Yoga teacher, sound meditation guide, breath work facilitator and sacred space holder. Her focus is patience and intention and as an intuitive guide, provides deep connection. Yoga pairs perfectly with our focus on opening ourselves up to receiving and empowerment. Michelle helps us to integrate and process your daily experiences with a calm, clear approach. The number one thing we hear about Michelle is “we wanted more time with her!”  Her sessions are designed to create balance, get us out of our heads and into our body’s. From beginner to expert, all are welcomed to participate and get out of our comfort zones.


A quick call or email is all that is required. All suites available are listed below. To book one, note the minimum number of guests required to book as space is limited. Once you have chosen your room below, to ensure your room is available, to answer any questions you may have and to move forward with booking:

EMAIL US HERE: LA@theglassfordgroup.com
Or BOOK A CALL with your host L.A. Glassford HERE!

Once we confirm the room is available to book, a non refundable deposit of $500.00 is required to secure. Deposit received, we will provide Final Reservation confirmation. All pricing includes applicable Taxes.

NOTE: Previous TGG Retreat guests receive 20% off and guests of this retreat receive 20% off future Costa Rica Retreats.

The Double Queen LAKEVIEW Suite:

*Double Occupancy: $1,800.00/pp
Triple Occupancy: $1,200.00/pp
Quad Occupancy: $900.00/pp

*Minimum # of guests

The Double Queen SKYLIGHT Suite:

*Double Occupancy: 
Triple Occupancy: $950.00/pp
Quad Occupancy: $700.00/pp

*Minimum # of guests required

The Private Queen LAKEVIEW Suite:

Single Occupancy:
Double Occupancy:


The King + Queen + Terrace with En Suite:

*Double Occupancy: $1,800.00/pp
Triple Occupancy: $1,400.00/pp
Quad Occupancy: $1,000.00/pp

*Minimum # of guests required (Queen bed to be added)


I honestly didn’t know what to expect for this retreat and as I mentioned, it was a easier for me to justify going given there was a “work” connection.  But I truly had an amazing time. Selecting a beautiful getaway location and providing this atmosphere of calm, that really helped equalize us all no matter our backgrounds – both personally and professionally.

Past retreat guest


AMAZING! I thought of it as a great “introduction” to time to reflect on where you are at your personal journey, how so many people feel the same and you are not alone and cynical! The space to have real conversations for me was much needed! This was a place to drop your mask and gather for some real conversation and encouragement to tackle your demons and problem solve. Having different women of all ages and sides of CRE all vibing together was so wonderful! LA is great at what she is doing, high energy and talked with honesty and her content was great! I look forward to doing the work she had talked about and complete in the book she gave. There is so much content out there, being present with someone in person who can navigate you through the fluff is very crucial. Please keep this going.

– Past retreat guest


The inaugural CRE8 retreat was a special event bringing together a wonderful group of ladies to a beautiful location for a day of learning and experience. Chef Margarita’s cooking skills were amazing!  The venue was the perfect setting to connect with your inner self and others.

– Past retreat guest


The heart opening ceremony and the discussion chats were very thought provoking. I think everyone walked away with better ways to witness our leadership, not just in the boardroom but in our own person lives. LA was fabulous, very thought provoking and great to be in a room with a woman who’s a champion for women and encouraging others to do the same.

– Past retreat guest


Do you do any other Retreats?

YES, the next one is Feb 20-27 2024, in Nosara Costa Rica! Our President LA Glassford hosts women at her one week “UNLOCKING HER VIP” retreats in the blue zone of the Nicoya Peninsula. As of Nov 1st there are two suites left!

Visit www.Unlockingher.ca to learn more !

Can Dietary Restrictions be accommodated?

Absolutely. The registration requires you to identify all allergies and restrictions. If requested, a call with our Chef can be easily arranged.

Is there free parking?

YES there is a large driveway to accommodate us all.

Do I need a YOGA Mat?

NO, we will provide for you!

Is smoking permitted?

No, smoking is not allowed on the property.

If I have other questions, how do I contact someone?

Feel free to email us at: LA@TheGlassfordGroup.com or WhatsAPP at 905 515 0067

Join Us For Our 2024 International Women's Day Retreat

 07/03/2024 – 10/03/2024

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