Work Family

Work Family

Earlier this week while in a meeting, one that had already generated both a healthy discussion and a lengthy action plan, a key stakeholder asked; “Does anyone here at the table know someone they trust who could actually pull this off for us?” And I thought,  “I know exactly who that someone is, no doubt in my mind”.

Then it dawned on me: Its been three years (maybe four ?) since I’d been in contact with … well lets call her “Alex”, save and except for accepting a connection here on LinkedIn the day I left the Company where we had worked  together – yet it felt like a only couple of months had passed.

We worked together, shared war stories, motivated each other, watched each other move into new roles, heard about the families, boosted each other and gave each other sound advice when we needed it. She became part of my work family. When I got home, my husband (and kids for that matter) would hear about the perfect way that “Alex” had managed the situation . How had I let the months turn to years? Shame on me. 

Work families are real. They are important to us, and yet when we leave a role, save for the odd function or conference, we rarely see each other.

So I called “Alex” and we booked a lunch. After a long lunch, a much needed catch up and some discussion about a potential opportunity for her, we vowed to stay reconnected. We energized each other (yes my high energy was brought even higher) and I promised I would post our little story. In great part because we thought we probably aren’t the only ones that feel this way and what if, we could actually reconnect just two people by writing about it.

So there it is folks. While life is busy and people move on, lets not forget those who helped us become who we are today as well as those whom we have mentored.

Make the effort to stay in touch – it really is worth the time.